A checkout solution that does it all for you

It’s easy to start accepting payments with Pay.com Checkout. You can choose from customizable no-code solutions or developer-friendly API integrations.

Choose a checkout solution. Make it your own. Get paid fast.

Use a convenient prebuilt checkout page and customize it with your branding elements to get set up in minutes.

When a customer checks out, they’ll be redirected to your hosted checkout page with a Pay.com-powered  payment form that looks and feels just like your website. 

Integrate with our API to embed hosted payment fields directly into your website or app.

Keep your customers within your own ecosystem from start to finish while using Pay.com’s powerful payment infrastructure to accept payments.

We maintain PCI compliance so you don’t have to.

Every checkout solution is covered under Pay.com’s Level 1 PCI DSS compliance. That means we take care of key management, tokenization, and data encryption, and you don’t have to worry about meeting the PCI requirements on your own.

We built a robust payment solution just for you.

Optimize your customer experience. Boost your sales.

Offer seamless checkout on every device.

Meet customers where they are and reduce abandonment rates. Every device gets the same great experience.

Accept the most popular payment methods.

Make your customers happy. More payment methods mean more sales.

Make repeat purchases friction-free.

Earn customer loyalty by saving payment details so return shoppers can check out in seconds.

Accept payments from anywhere.

Withdraw your money at any time! No lock-ins. No commitments.

We built a robust payment solution just for you.

How to start accepting online payments

Create your Pay.com account.

Fill out the quick form and click the button.

Check your email.

Open the message from Pay.com and click the link to open your business account activation form.

Answer a few questions

about your business and submit the required documentation. 

We’ll review your application

and get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can start setting up your API integration.

 once your account is approved!

You can start receiving payments

Mobile phone showing an transaction income

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