partners with <span-azure-800>Pay.com<span-azure-800> and sees a 10% boost in authorization rates

With more than a million customers.

Everything5pounds.com is synonymous with low-cost and high-quality clothing in the UK. Its innovative business model is based on buying leftover stock from major brands and reselling each item for less than £6. 

To increase payment authorization rates and accelerate growth and success, the online retailer has partnered with Pay.com.

The Challenge

Everything5pounds.com has a high volume of online sales year round – but during the holidays, their sales skyrocket. In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, they realized they couldn’t trust their previous payment service provider to handle the rush. 

They needed to find a reliable alternative that could boost authorization rates while offering a seamless payment experience to customers. And they needed to find it fast.

The Solution

After testing authorization rates with several different payment service providers, Everything5pounds.com chose to work with Pay.com, a powerful payment solution that was up to the challenge of the holiday shopping season. 

Pay.com provides a simple checkout process for every purchase, with the resources to handle high sales volume and boost authorization rates.

The Result

Black Friday kicked off the holiday shopping season with an unprecedented number of sales, and Everything5pounds.com was able to process every payment with ease, while experiencing a 10% boost in authorization rates. 

Pay.com made it easy for the company to track sales and manage payments from the Pay Dashboard, while ensuring that every purchase was completed securely.

Today, Everything5pounds.com’s customers can take full advantage of its accessible prices and enormous selection without giving a second thought to the checkout process – and the company knows its payments are always in good hands.

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