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Your business can accept a wide variety of payment methods, either through a customized checkout page on your website or via direct Pay Links. It’s simple! interface on desktop and mobile
Pay Dashboard on desktop and mobile

Offer your customers multiple payment options

Recent data shows that 9% of customers who abandon their cart before checking out do so because there weren’t enough payment methods. There’s no reason for you to be missing out on sales! With, you can easily accept the most popular online payment methods.

You can choose the payment methods you want to accept and add them to your checkout page in just a few clicks.

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Make informed decisions to boost your revenue

The Pay Dashboard is simple to navigate, while providing you with in-depth insights to help you make well-informed business decisions. You can track all your transactions in one place, manage your customers and their payment data, and even accept payments manually by entering the details into your Virtual Terminal.

No matter where you are, what you’re doing, or what type of device you like to use, your Pay Dashboard has all your payment needs covered.

Pay Dashboard Insights on desktop

How to start accepting online payments

Create your account.

Fill out the quick form and click the button.

Check your email.

Open the message from and click the link to open your business account activation form.

Answer a few questions

about your business and submit the required documentation. 

We’ll review your application

and get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can start setting up your API integration.

 once your account is approved!

You can start receiving payments

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