Payment Denied?
We Don’t Think So! works behind the scenes to ensure your customer’s transactions go through the first time, and every time, without a single hiccup! global payment processing flowchart global payment processing flowchart

The Problem

In an ideal world

Your customer clicks “buy now,” enters credit card information and you receive your funds!

Fictional world when customer clicks pay and the money transferred automatically

In the real world

The tricky space between a customer’s payment and the money reaching your account is fraught with pitfalls that can result in (horror!)  
the payment being denied

mobile phone checkout screen that showing errors : insufficient founds, card expired, server phone checkout screen that showing errors : insufficient founds, card expired, server down. Solution

a diagram showing how pay's smart routing system updates failed cards

Account updater

Our system can rapidly fetch updated information from Visa or Mastercard if your website encounters an expired card.

No more friction
Overcome payment declines
No need to enter new card details
a diagram showing pay's technology approving only part of the payment sum

Partial approval

Instead of being told they have insufficient funds to complete a purchase, your customer is notified that their purchase is partially approved.

  • They can go ahead and apply their available funds to part of their cart.
  • They can use an additional payment method to make up the difference for the whole cart.
More revenue for you
Fewer frustrated customers
a diagram showing how pay's technology routes payments through processors when others are down

Traffic routing: works with a large number of payment acquirers so that if one’s system is down, payment is automatically routed to another.

Our smart routing system determines which acquirer is most likely to approve a transaction at the best rate.

If that acquirer doesn’t work, the system automatically tries another and so on until the transaction is approved.

  • it’s so fast the customer won’t even notice this happening.
Fast, intelligent routing
No interruption on customer-side
Automating frustrating workflows
Ready to boost revenue for your business

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