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As you like it

Customize your checkout pages, then a/b test until you find the highest converting configuration.

Be flexible.

Process payments in any currency of your choosing through our pool of integration partners

Done in a day

Your entire payments system up and running before the day is out.

Customizable checkout page

You get to define the look and feel of your checkout experience

Memory bank

The ease and convenience of stored payment details mean your customers will keep coming back

Lightning speed

Payments processed in under ½ second

Dashboard & Analytics

Always know where you stand with customizable analytics.
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Smart Integration

Easily integrate payment methods, PSPs, fraud prevention, and more. By the way, you won't have to write any code.
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Smart routing

Your customers will never see a “denied” screen again thanks to our smart-routing system.

Designed for developers

Create next generation digital experiences using secure, innovative APIs

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Experimental APIs

Collaborate and integrate with experimental APIs to test new concepts.

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Seamlessly integrate with hundreds of services and applications

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Test all functionalities in our sandbox before going live

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