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Every transaction, every cent earned - all the information you need to make smarter, faster, more-informed decisions is at your fingertips.

Pay.com dashboard or main screen that shows a breakdown of all payment insights about the merchants business
Customer details
KPI tracking
Payment methods
Refunds and returns
Year-over-year analysis
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Information at speed

Who has time to hunt around for data? Get information that flows as fast as your business grows.

Retrieve it, filter it, report it, share it. Any way you want.

Fictional world when customer clicks pay and the money transferred automatically

What does your customer eat for breakfast?

Ok, we don’t know that but we can find out almost anything else - where they live, shop, what they spend, which payment method they prefer.

Knowing your customer down to a tee helps you offer better customer journeys, personalized experiences and keep them coming back for more.

Pay.com sample user: Bessie Cooper
Pay.com sample user: Courtney Henry
Pay.com sample user: Jerome Bell

Data is power

Successful businesses learn from the past and use data to drive better decisions. Pay.com’s admin tools are easy to use and intuitive to master.

View transactions in real time
Quickly generate reports
Intuitive visuals, charts and graphs
Spot patterns and trends
Track (and improve) your KPIs
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