5 Top Payment Methods in Italy in 2023: Info for Merchants

 Italy is a promising market for companies that want to sell products and services in Europe. Explore the top five payment methods Italian consumers prefer.

Italy is a relatively young ecommerce market – in fact, only 36% of residents have ever shopped online at all. This provides an enticing opportunity for businesses to engage with a brand-new customer base.

To successfully reach Italian customers, it’s crucial to understand their preferred ways to pay. Review our detailed guide to the top five Italian payment methods so you can offer this audience a smooth checkout experience.


5 Top Payment Methods in Italy

1. Cash

While many European countries have embraced alternative payment methods, cash remains the most common payment method in Italy. It's especially popular for purchases of €60 or less.

The European Central Bank estimates that Italian customers use cash for 86% of in-person transactions. Cash on delivery is used to pay for about 7% of online purchases, based on data from JP Morgan.   

2. Card Payments

Italy's most popular payment methods for online purchases are debit, credit, and prepaid cards, collectively representing 40% of these transactions. Debit cards are more popular than credit cards, which make up only 20% of the nation's card transactions. 

Common cards used in Italy include Bancomat, Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro. However, American Express is also gaining some traction, particularly in tourist-heavy areas. Many Italians also use Postepay and CartaSi, electronic prepaid cards co-branded as either Mastercard or Visa. These generally work wherever Visa or Mastercard are supported. 

3. Digital Wallets

Digital wallets have soared in popularity in Italy over the last decade, now accounting for around 38% of online purchases. They'll likely grow even more in popularity over the next few years as the Italian ecommerce market expands.

PayPal is the most common digital wallet in Italy, with a 91% market share. Some people shop online with Italy-exclusive Satispay, but it's more common for peer-to-peer payments.

Skrill, Amazon Pay, and Google Pay round out the list. While some Italians use Apple Pay, it currently has less than 10% of the market share according to the industry insights platform ecommerceDB. 

4. Bank Transfers

Bank transfers comprise about 18% of online payments in Italy, especially among people who don't have or use credit and debit cards. Customers can transfer the funds safely and efficiently to a merchant’s bank account. These can be direct bank transfers or be completed through a third-party like Sofort or MyBank. 

5. Buy Now Pay Later

Buy now pay later (BNPL) is an emerging payment method around the world, including in Italy.. While it currently sits at less than 7% of the market share for online payment methods, Research and Markets has estimated that BNPL in Italy will record a compound annual growth rate of 26.8% by 2028. 

Many Italian consumers have expressed interest in this payment method as a credit card alternative. Klarna, Scalapay, and Clearpay already operate within Italy, with other options on the horizon. 

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The Bottom Line

While cash remains a top payment method in Italy, customers are also embracing new ways to pay like digital wallets, debit cards, and bank transfers. Accepting a variety of payment methods allows you to appeal to audience preferences. This can set your business apart and attract potential customers. 

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How can my business accept payments from Italy?

Your business can accept payments from Italy using Pay.com, including many of the nation's most common ways to pay. We provide the reliable, secure ecommerce experience customers expect, reducing safety concerns for new online shoppers. Sign up today and get started right away with our fast, easy onboarding process.

What is the most used payment method in Italy?

Cash is the most common payment method in Italy. However, debit cards make up a higher percentage of online transactions. Payment preferences tend to vary by generation. Italians ages 65 and older typically use cash while debit cards are most common in the 18-to-24 age group.

What is the most accepted credit card in Italy?

Visa and Mastercard are the most accepted credit cards in Italy. Nearly all Italian merchants accept both these options. They often have minimum transaction limits, which means consumers have to use cash for smaller purchases.

Does Italy prefer Visa or Mastercard?

Italian residents prefer Visa over Mastercard. Visa is the predominant card network in Italy with 55% of the nation's market share. Many of these cards are issued by Bancomat and co-branded as Visa.

What’s the safest way to accept payments from Italy?

Pay.com is the safest way to accept payments from Italy. We take security seriously with the highest level of PCI DSS compliance. High-tech measures like 3D Secure 2.0 multi-factor authentication give your customers confidence in your business by reducing the risk of fraud and protecting you from costly chargebacks.

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