5 Top Payment Methods in Ireland

When expanding your business to the Irish market, it’s a good idea to accept their favorite payment methods. Our expert guide provides all the info you need.

The Irish ecommerce market has seen a lot of growth in recent years, and that trend is expected to continue. Even now, Irish consumers spend significantly more money online each year compared to the citizens of most other European countries.

I know how important it is for your business to accept the payment methods Irish customers prefer – it’s a surefire way to win some sales. In this article, I will guide you through all of the most popular payment options in Ireland.


5 Top Payment Methods in Ireland

1. Credit and Debit Cards

According to data collected by JP Morgan, around 60% of all ecommerce transactions in Ireland are paid for with credit and debit cards. 

A recent report from the Central Bank of Ireland points to a strong preference for debit cards versus credit cards. In November 2022, only around 10% of Irish customers paid for their online shopping with a credit card.

Visa and Mastercard are universally accepted throughout Ireland. The country also used to have its own Laser debit card which was phased out in 2014. American Express is not typically issued in Ireland (with some exceptions), so its acceptance rates are low.

2. Cash

Although the Irish tend to prefer digital payments, cash remains highly relevant in the country. Statista shows that cash accounts for around 20% of point of sale (POS) transactions in Ireland.

While other payment methods are on the rise, cash has seen a massive drop off in the last few years, dropping from 38% in 2019 to the 20% it sits at now.

3. Digital Wallets

Analytics firm JP Morgan reports that digital wallets are quickly growing in popularity across Ireland, with a compound annual growth rate of 15%. In 2020, payments made with e-wallets accounted for around 21% of all online shopping in Ireland.

The most popular digital wallets in Ireland include PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay. PayPal leads the charge. Android-powered smartphones are only slightly more common in Ireland than iOS-based Apple phones, meaning that the two wallets are going head to head.

4. Direct Debit

Direct debit payments amounted to a massive 156 billion euros over 157.7 million transactions in 2021. The Central Bank of Ireland notes that this is an 11.8% increase over the previous year.

This type of online payment is often used in paying for subscription-based services and bills. By using direct debit, customers agree to let a company take money from their bank account on a predetermined date.

5. Bank Transfers

Bank-to-bank transfers make up around 9% of all online shopping transactions in Ireland. Irish citizens have a growing interest in shopping worldwide. This contributes to the popularity of payment methods such as the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), which can be used throughout the European Union.

SEPA is not the fastest payment method for you as the merchant, but it allows your Irish customers to pay for your products and services even if you’re not based in the same country. Payments can take up to 14 days to arrive. SEPA also has a Direct Debit option to set up recurring payments.

The Best Way to Accept Global Payments

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The Bottom Line

If you’re hoping to expand your operations into that part of Europe, you’re in luck – the citizens of Ireland definitely enjoy online shopping. Accepting the most popular payment methods in Ireland can increase your chances of success.

The most widely recognized paymen\t methods in Ireland include credit and debit cards, PayPal, and other digital wallets. Your business can accept all of them if you sign up with Pay.com.

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How can my business accept payments from Ireland?

Your company can accept payments from Ireland if you sign up with Pay.com. 

Pay.com is a payment service provider that offers all of the payment methods preferred by Irish customers. This includes credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and more. 

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What is the most used payment method in Ireland?

Debit cards are, by far, the most popular payment method in Ireland. Credit cards are also popular, but unlike debit cards, they are used mostly for larger purchases.

Ireland also sees a decent amount of cash payments – around 20% of all sales were paid for in cash.

What payment apps work in Ireland?

Most widely recognized payment apps in Europe are also present in Ireland. When it comes to money transfer apps, Revolut leads the pack, followed by PayPal.

PayPal is also the most popular digital wallet in Ireland, but Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay are all accepted throughout the country.

What's the safest way to accept payments from Ireland?

Using Pay.com is the safest way for your business to start accepting payments from Ireland. 

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