7 Top Payment Methods in Finland

Discover the top 7 online payment methods you should offer to adapt to the Finnish ecommerce market and accommodate your new audience.

Ecommerce is a big market in Finland, where 96% of the population has internet access and cash is used only in 10% of transactions. The top payment methods online fall into three main categories: bank transfers, card payments, and digital wallets. 

In this article, I’ll share what I’ve learned about the Finnish population’s preferred ways to pay. If you’re considering expanding your business into the country, this information is sure to be vital for you.


7 Top Payment Methods in Finland

1. Credit Cards

Credit cards in Finland are used for online payments, contactless in-store payments, and some sectors of mobile commerce (m-commerce) like delivery and streaming apps. Consumers can register their cards with these apps for instant payment.

Finnish ecommerce customers make around 14.3% of ecommerce payments with Visa. It’s the most popular branded card in the country, used by 55% of cardholders. It’s also a popular method for POS (point of sale) payments.

smartphones and tablets. For mobile transactions, customers can make quick purchases without entering their card details manually through digital wallet apps like PayPal.

Mastercard is the second most popular card in Finland, used by around 45% of cardholders. Buyers make around 11.7% of ecommerce payments with Mastercard. 

In around 55% of all ecommerce purchases via credit card, customers use laptops and desktop computers. The other 45% of purchases are made on mobile devices.

2. Trustly

Trustly is a digital payment service formed in Sweden that allows consumers to pay online directly from their bank account.  It requires no downloads and has no fees.

Trustly is a secure online bank transfer, allowing customers to keep personal details private when buying online. Almost one-third of ecommerce payments in Finland are completed via bank transfers that rely on services like Trustly and SOFORT.


Owned by buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) company Klarna, SOFORT lets customers pay without creating an account, entering card numbers, or storing their personal information. 

To complete a purchase, users simply choose SOFORT at the checkout. Then, they enter their online banking login details and a one-time-use confirmation code. 

4. MobilePay

MobilePay is a mobile wallet used exclusively in Finland and Denmark. It has around 2 million users in Finland, with 18% of the population using the app at least once per month. MobilePay allows both POS and online payments and has robust peer-to-peer transfer features. 

In Denmark, MobilePay is one of the most popular ways to pay online, but only 23% of Finnish ecommerce purchases are made with mobile wallets. This market prefers bank transfers, which make up 31% of ecommerce purchases.

5. PayPal

PayPal is another popular digital wallet in Finland. About 21% of Finnish online shoppers use PayPal at least once a month to make purchases. It’s also commonly used for peer-to-peer transfers between professionals and across countries. 

In Finland, B2B or contractor invoices are typically paid via bank transfer rather than by PayPal or another third-party app. 

6. Klarna

Around 10% of ecommerce payments in Finland use BNPL services. Klarna is one of the most popular pay-later apps. Users can split purchases into three monthly payments or pay up to 30 days after buying. These services are fee-free and interest-free as long as users make payments on time.  

7. Apple Pay and Google Pay

About 89% of Finnish residents own a smartphone, and approximately 45% of online transactions are made via mobile devices. 

Much like in the rest of Europe, Apple and Android devices dominate the smartphone market in Finland. Apple Pay and Google Pay are popular mobile wallets, most commonly used during POS and m-commerce purchases. 

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The Bottom Line

When expanding your online business to Finland, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the country’s paying habits and offer familiar payment methods.

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How can my business accept payments from Finland?

The easiest way to accept payments from Finland is with Pay.com. You can accept a wide variety of payment methods, and with our secure system, you don’t have to worry about fraudulent transactions. Click here to get started now!

What is the most used payment method in Finland?

Finland's top payment method is bank transfers (31%), which narrowly beats card payments (26%) and mobile wallets (23%). Services like Trustly and Sofort allow customers to initiate a bank transfer from their bank directly to the merchant without entering personal details on the merchant’s website.

Does Finland use Google Pay?

Yes, Finland does use Google Pay. In a recent survey in 2022, 30% of respondents said they had used Google Pay in the last 12 months. Finnish customers mostly use Google Pay for in-store shopping and online purchases on their mobile devices. 

Google Pay’s main competitors in Finland are Apple Pay and MobilePay, the latter of which is used by over 2 million of the country’s 5.6 million population.

Is Apple Pay common in Finland?

Apple Pay is fairly common, although it’s not as popular as Google Pay. Around 38% of smartphones in Finland are Apple devices, so more than a third of device users can access Apple Pay for m-commerce and POS purchases.

What's the safest way to accept payments from Finland?

Pay.com gives you a secure payment infrastructure with top-level PCI DSS compliance that works to protect your customers and their payments. Our 3DS2 authentication shields you from fraudulent purchases.

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