6 Top Payment Methods in Belgium

To successfully reach customers in Belgium, you need to offer their preferred payment methods. Learn the most popular ways for Belgians to pay.

Belgium was relatively late to embrace ecommerce, compared to its neighbors in France and the Netherlands. However, the nation's online shopping market has surged in recent years, with rapid growth expected to continue.

Belgium’s French speakers and Dutch speakers have their own favorite ways to pay, but over two-thirds of online payments across both groups are made with credit cards and the nation's domestic debit card, Bancontact. 

In this article, I’ll discuss the 6 most commonly used payment methods in Belgium to help you expand your business into this country.


6 Top Payment Methods in Belgium

1. Bancontact

Bancontact is Belgium’s most popular payment method, with millions of cards in circulation and more than 150,000 average daily transactions. In fact, more Bancontact cards exist than Belgian residents.

Bancontact is linked to the majority of Belgian banks. Users can pay online or in person through contactless and chip-and-pin payment terminals. They can also use the Bancontact app and send payments with a custom-generated QR code.

Business owners appreciate the fact that Bancontact payments are irreversible once confirmed, which reduces the number of chargebacks. If you’re hoping to accept payments from Belgian customers, you'll benefit from Bancontact's national popularity and its robust fraud protection measures. 

2. Credit Cards

Once holding the top spot, credit cards are now Belgium's second most common payment method. The most popular credit card brands among Belgian customers are Visa, Mastercard, and American Express

Belgians tend to make higher-value average purchases with credit cards than with Bancontact. This suggests that your customers may prefer Bancontact for smaller payments, and favor credit cards for larger ones. 

3. PayPal

PayPal's popularity in Belgium has grown significantly in the last decade. A 2018 PayPal survey found that 72% of Belgians use it to buy items from foreign retailers.

PayPal gives its Belgian users the option of contactless payments. The app supports touch-free transactions through smartphones and other connected mobile devices.

4. Online Bank Transfers

Online bank transfers are one of the most widely used payment methods in Belgium. They're used in about 19% of the nation's ecommerce transactions, according to Statista.

The most popular bank transfer service for Belgians is SOFORT, a European payment method with millions of users across Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Users can securely make real-time payments directly from their bank accounts. 

5. Amazon Pay

Amazon only recently launched its Belgium-specific store. However, the nation's shoppers have been loyal users of Amazon’s French and Dutch outlets for years. As a result, Amazon Pay is fairly widespread in Belgium. 

6. Apple Pay

Several major banks and payment providers in Belgium support Apple Pay. Customers with Apple devices can connect their credit and debit cards to pay for products and services. 

iPhones are the most widely used mobile device in Belgium. Giving your Belgian customers the option to use Apple Pay can help you tap into the brand's vast user base with a familiar and convenient way to check out. 

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The Bottom Line

When accepting payments from Belgium and other countries, it’s vital to offer your customers trusted, familiar ways to pay. If you can tap into some of the methods listed above, you’ll be ready to accept payments from Belgian customers.

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How can my business accept payments from Belgium?

Your business can easily start accepting payments from Belgian customers with Pay.com. We offer several of Belgium’s most commonly used payment methods. We charge a flat fee per transaction, and are always fully transparent about our rates. Click here to create your account now!

What is the most used payment method in Belgium?

Belgium’s most commonly used payment method is its domestic payment system, Bancontact. Bancontact partners with the majority of Belgian banks so their customers can use Bancontact-branded debit cards. Credit cards are also one of the most popular payment methods in the Belgian market.

Does Google Pay work in Belgium?

Google Pay works in any Belgian store that displays the Google Pay, Maestro, or contactless symbol. Online retailers with the Google Pay symbol also accept this app for payment. However, many smaller stores exclusively accept Bancontact card payments and usually don't accept Google Pay.

What's the safest way to accept payments from Belgium?

Pay.com allows your business to safely accept payments from Belgian customers. Our platform features Level 1 PCI DSS compliance, ensuring enhanced security for every transaction. We also use 3DS2 authentication, which automatically asks customers to confirm their identity when a transaction raises a red flag.

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