How to Accept Credit Card Payments as a Contractor

Adding credit cards to your payment options as a contractor doesn’t need to be difficult. We’ll show you how simple it can be and discuss all the benefits.

Whether you’re just starting out as a contractor or looking for ways to grow your company, accepting credit cards is a great business move. Understanding the steps involved can be difficult if you’ve never done it before, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

While having a website can make it easier to accept credit cards, it’s not a must at all. It’s never been easier to seamlessly integrate credit card payments into your business model. I’ll walk you through exactly how to do it below. 


The Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards as a Contractor

For contractors, getting paid in a convenient, timely manner is of the utmost importance. Credit cards are a great way to get paid as a contractor, and well worth the processing fees. Here are some of the major benefits:

Convenient for Your Customers

Every year, more and more customers are choosing to pay exclusively via credit card. For them, it’s an easy and secure way to make purchases – especially larger ones. Offering credit card payments as an option for your business will greatly appeal to newer customers that value the convenience and security that credit cards offer them. 

Instilling Confidence and Professionalism

Running your own business and dealing with clients regularly is a lot of administrative work. When you have a smooth, streamlined payment system that includes the ability to accept credit card payments, it boosts your professional look. 

Clients want to work with contractors that they trust, and accepting credit cards is an easy way to boost their confidence that you are a professional and legitimate business. 

Fast and Reliable Payments

Since credit card processing is all done through online networks, it’s a quick and easy way to get paid. Compared to checks and cash, which require more detailed tracking, credit card payments can go through automatically. You’ll know right away if the payment hasn’t gone through, so you can quickly take steps to rectify the situation with your client. 

With credit card payments, you can have the money in your bank account in just a couple of days, with no hassle on your side. 

Reducing Errors

If you’re still relying solely on paper checks, cash, or bank transfers, you’ll have to put more effort into manually tracking and filing each payment separately. Each check will need to be copied and filed away. Cash payments will need to be diligently tracked. 

Every step in the payment process can lead to errors – a missing decimal, a forgotten cash transaction, or a lost check in the mail. These errors can affect your cash flow and cause issues come tax time. With credit cards, errors are less likely to happen at all.  

Since credit card processing is all done online, there aren’t as many errors that can happen, which can save you the hassle and headache of dealing with missing money or misreported payments. 

What’s the Best Way to Accept Credit Cards as a Contractor? is a payment service provider that allows you to easily accept credit cards as a contractor. As a full payment infrastructure, provides you all the tools needed to seamlessly integrate credit card payments into your business, along with other popular payment methods like digital wallets. 

If you sell services or packages through your website, you can easily integrate’s checkout features into your site. Your checkout page can be fully custom-branded to match your business’s style. Alternatively, you can send invoice links directly to your clients. The link directs them to a personalized checkout page where they can pay with a credit card.

Whether you invoice clients or they purchase your services directly from your website, has a user-friendly dashboard to track the status of all your payments. The dashboard makes it simple to create payment links, enter or update payment information, and deal with refunds if necessary. 

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How to Accept Credit Cards with in 6 Steps

  1. Go to and sign up for an account. 
  2. We’ll send you a confirmation email that will link to our business account activation form. 
  3. Complete and submit the onboarding business forms for submission. You’ll be asked to provide some general information about your business. We’ll review the submission quickly.
  4. While you wait for our approval, you can take the time to set up our API integration to accept payments through your website.
  5. We’ll let you know when you’re approved to start accepting credit card payments, along with other payment methods.
  6. Once you’re set up, visit your Pay Dashboard to manage and track your transactions all in one place. Every time a customer pays with a credit card, you’ll be notified. 

The Bottom Line: Should You Accept Credit Cards?

As a contractor, if you’re not accepting credit cards, you may be limiting yourself. While credit card processing does come with additional considerations and cost, the convenience both for you and for your customers can be more than worth it. 

Credit cards are a secure and convenient way for customers to pay you. Accepting credit cards can add to the overall customer experience, build trust in your business, and ensure you’re paid quickly and easily. can help you easily get set up to accept credit card payments in no time at all, with a fully transparent fee structure and the highest levels of security.

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How can I accept credit cards as a contractor? makes it easy to accept credit cards as a contractor. If you want to accept payments through your website, you can easily add a customized checkout page. Alternatively, you can send your clients direct Pay Links or even accept credit card payments over the phone. Click here to get started now!

Should contractors accept credit cards?

Yes, it’s a good idea to accept credit cards as a contractor, especially as your business grows and expands. Not accepting clients’ preferred payment methods can limit the number of clients who want to work with you.

While credit card processing can be an added business expense, it’s more than worth it for the reliability and convenience credit card payments offer.

Do I need a website to accept credit cards as a contractor?

Having a website is not a must at all. With, you can send direct Pay Links to your clients via email or text message, or even accept credit card details over the phone – no website necessary.

Can I accept credit card payments if I charge by the hour?

Yes! No matter how you bill, you can accept credit card payments. For hourly work that you invoice for regularly, you can use to generate invoice links and send them to your clients. When a client clicks a link, they’ll be directed to a personalized checkout page where they can select their preferred method of payment.

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The Best Way to Accept Credit Cards

With, you can easily accept credit cards and a range of other payment methods. You can send your clients direct Pay Links via email or SMS. Best of all, the system couldn’t be easier to set up!

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