6 Ways Payments Can Accelerate Your Revenue

You can increase your company's revenue by refining your payment process. Explore six smart payment strategies that will help your business earn more money.

Smart payment strategies can drive significant financial growth for your business. You're not just taking money in exchange for your product or service - each transaction represents an opportunity to connect with your customers. 

Upgrading your payment process with a focus on user experience encourages customer loyalty, which translates to larger and more frequent purchases. 

In this guide, you'll get the ideas you need to optimize your company's payment system for financial growth. These techniques can help you earn more money by increasing purchase value and frequency among your existing customers. You'll also learn payment strategies to attract a new audience and reduce friction that discourages sales. 


6 Ways Payments Can Accelerate Your Revenue

Your business can earn more money by improving the payment process. Here’s the inspiration you need to get started, along with some expert tips.

1. Stand Out from the Crowd

You can create a competitive edge by offering multiple payment methods. In addition to conventional methods like credit and debit cards, you’ll want to select payment methods other companies in your market don't have. 

If digital wallets aren't common among your competitors, for example, introducing options like Google Pay and Apple Pay can attract a brand-new audience.

Spend some time on the checkout pages of competing businesses to see where you can stand out. You can also survey current and prospective customers about their preferred payment methods. Once you've done the research, update your checkout to accept your target market’s most popular methods.

Pay.com makes it easy for your business to take multiple payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, and many more. You can select the options you want to include with the click of a button.

2. Streamline the Checkout Process

Customers don't want to spend extensive time filling out forms when they shop online. Asking for less information can encourage browsers to buy, reducing your cart abandonment rate. 

Cut your checkout forms down to the bare minimum - the fewer fields, the better. According to data from the Baymard Institute, 18% of cart abandonments occur because of a long and complex checkout process. 

You should also provide a guest checkout option so customers don't have to sign up to make a purchase. They might not buy from your business if they have to create an account. 

3. Fight Back Against Fraud

Fraudulent transactions can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars in fees, chargeback costs, and lost business. You need strong security to prevent expensive data breaches, credit card theft, and other types of fraud. These events can permanently damage your company's reputation.

Pay.com gives you peace of mind through high-tech safety measures. When you use our service, you benefit from Level 1 PCI DSS compliance. We also offer multi-factor authentication with the 3DS2 Secure system. 

4. Accept Local Payment Methods

Your business probably already accepts global payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. You can expand your audience even further by taking preferred local payment methods in your target markets. For example, some nations and regions have specific digital wallets and other payment services you won't find elsewhere. 

New customers are more likely to buy from your brand when they see familiar payment methods at checkout. Pay.com supports streamlined global payment processing so buyers from other countries won't experience frustrating delays and declines.

5. Dive Into Payment Data

You can learn a lot about your customers by reviewing your sales data. Understanding their buying behavior informs smart marketing strategies. For example, you can find out which frequent buyers haven't purchased from your business lately, then reach out to that group with a high-value coupon.

Data can also help you understand your audience demographics. When you know who's browsing your website or scrolling your social media sites, you can accurately target this market by offering their preferred payment methods. In general, older people are more likely to pay with credit cards while digital wallets are popular with young adults. 

6. Create a Trustworthy Checkout Page

Customizing your checkout page can reduce cart abandonment and increase sales. About 17% of customers surveyed by Baymard said they abandoned their carts because they didn't trust the company's checkout page. For example, a payment form that looks different from the rest of the site is a red flag. 

You can also add official security badges to your checkout page. These icons show your customers that you comply with PCI DSS and take data safety seriously.

The Benefits of Working with Pay.com as Your Payment Service Provider 

Pay.com gives you the payment features you need for revenue acceleration. When you select us as your payment services provider, you can:

Our payment solutions remove friction for a streamlined user experience. A reliable, trustworthy payment system boosts sales and supports strong revenue growth.

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The Bottom Line 

Customers expect convenience when they shop online. They're more likely to buy from your business when you have an easy-to-navigate checkout with their preferred methods of payment. They also want to shop with companies they can trust to protect their private information. These payment strategies can help you exceed customer expectations and speed up your revenue stream. 

You don't have to optimize your payment system alone. Pay.com has everything you need to customize an impressive user experience built with your target market in mind. Click here to create your account now!


What's the best way for a business to accept online payments?

Pay.com is the best way to accept online payments. Your business can customize the checkout process to create a tailored user experience. You'll also be able to take many different payment methods, so you can encourage customers to buy from your brand by catering to their preferences.

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How do you accelerate revenue growth?

Your business must earn more money to accelerate revenue growth. You'll need to encourage your existing customers to buy from your brand more often or increase their average purchase size. You can also increase revenue by attracting new customers to your business.

How do you calculate revenue acceleration?

You can calculate revenue acceleration over time by subtracting revenue at the beginning of the time period by current revenue. Then, divide the answer by the original revenue and multiply by 100. Your answer will be a percentage. 

Let's look at an example. If you had $10,000 in revenue the first month of the year and $40,000 in the last month, you would subtract $10,000 from $40,000 to get $30,000. Then, divide by 10,000 to get 3. When you multiply by 100 you'll see that your business had 300% revenue growth for the year.

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