How to Write a Payment Reminder Message to a Customer [2023]

Understanding how to write a payment reminder message can improve your company's cash flow. Gather inspiration from these samples that show how it's done.

The right payment reminder message can result in a fast response, so it's worth your time to fine tune the wording. You want to sound polite but assertive, so the client takes you seriously but also wants to continue your professional relationship. 

In this article, I’ll share some payment reminder message best practices and examples to help you set the appropriate tone.


When Should You Send Out a Payment Reminder? 

The ideal reminder schedule actually starts a few days before the payment is late. You can encourage clients to pay promptly by referencing the upcoming deadline. They'll realize that you take your payment dates seriously and will continue to check in if the invoice goes unpaid. 

Next, you may want to send a gentle reminder for payment message a day or two after an invoice deadline passes. If your client genuinely forgot to pay, you'll likely see your funds come in after this quick note.

Once a week passes without a response, it's time to reach out with another payment reminder text message or email. In this message, you might want to reference the previous messages you've sent. You can also refer to late payment provisions in your contract. For example, you could charge a percentage of the invoice amount once it's more than 30 days late.

Finally, reach out again when your invoice goes unpaid for three weeks. This text or email should clarify the action you'll take to collect, such as late fees and interest. You can also try to call the customer while you're waiting to send another message. 

Tips for Writing an Effective Payment Reminder Email or Text Message

These strategies apply to both text and email payment reminder messages:

  • Pay attention to your client's communication preferences. If they prefer text messages and rarely read email, a friendly payment reminder text message will receive a better response. You can ask about the best way to reach out on your new customer intake form.
  • Provide specific details about the past-due payment. The message should include the amount of the invoice, the work it covered and the due date. You may also want to reference earlier reminders you sent. It helps to summarize the details of the project, since your clients may handle multiple vendors and freelance service providers and might need a refresher.
  • Include a direct link to the invoice. provides this helpful service when you sign up for our easy-to-use payment platform.
  • Ask the client to confirm that they've received your message. It's possible that you no longer have the correct contact information for their invoices.

These tips are email-specific:

  • Use a clear subject line. You should include a phrase such as "Payment Reminder" along with the due date and invoice number.
  • Start with a friendly introduction. Connect with the client on a personal level by referencing the work you've done together in a positive way.
  • Time your message appropriately. If you know your client works a 9-to-5 office job, you should send your email as they're just sitting down for the day.
  • Aim for an appropriate tone. Each reminder message should increase in urgency without becoming aggressive.

Try these tips when you send text messages:

  • Choose your words carefully. Remember you're working with fewer words in a text than an email. While you don't want to drop the pleasantries, you'll also need to get to the point quickly. 
  • Include a direct payment link. As with emails, adding a direct payment link will boost your response rates. If you make it as easy as possible for your clients to pay their invoices, you'll likely see late payments decrease.
  • Timing is also important for texts. Aim for the lunch hour or right after the work day ends to improve your chances of receiving a response.

Payment Reminder Email Templates

Each of these payment reminder message sample emails can guide your communication in a similar situation.

Sample Email: One Prior to Due Date

Dear [Client Name],

The team at [Business Name] truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you on [Service Provided]. Now that we have delivered [Project], I wanted to take this opportunity to provide a detailed invoice. As discussed, payment will be due on [Date].

We offer several convenient ways to pay, including [Available Methods]. Please take a moment to review the attached invoice and connect with us if you have any questions. Also, can you please confirm receipt to ensure that we have your correct contact information? I look forward to working with you on [Future Items].

Best wishes,

[Your Name]

[Business Name]

Sample Email: Three Days Late

Dear [Client Name],

We at [Business Name] appreciate your business and look forward to working with you in the future. At this time, I'm writing about your past due balance of [Amount], which we expected to receive on [Date]. 
Please let me know whether you received the detailed invoice sent on [Date]. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about [Project] or your balance. We offer an online portal [include live link] where you can quickly pay your bill through [Available Methods]. You still have [Days] to bring your account current and avoid [Late Fee Amount].

Thank you again,

[Your Name]

[Business Name]

Sample Email: One to Two Weeks Late

Dear [Client Name],

Thank you again for choosing [Business Name] for your [Service Provided]. Unfortunately, I haven't yet received payment for [Invoice Number], which was due on [Date]. I previously sent an email about this invoice on [Date].
Please send [Invoice Amount] at your earliest convenience. You can pay by [Available Methods] through our convenient online portal [include live link]. If we don't receive the full amount within 30 days of the deadline, your account will be subject to a late fee of [Late Fee Amount].


[Your Name]

[Business Name]

Sample Email: Three to Four Weeks Late

Dear [Client Name],

We've reached out to you now several times about the past-due invoice [Invoice Number] of [Amount], which was due on [Date]. Under the terms of our service contract, we have added [Late Fee] to your [Business Name] account balance and will continue to charge [Late Fee Amount] each month until you have remitted the total.
Please take steps to pay [Invoice Amount] at your earliest convenience. You can pay by [Available Methods] through our convenient online portal [include live link]. I look forward to settling this matter promptly.

[Your Name]

[Business Name]

Payment Reminder Text Message Templates

Try these templates when you need a payment reminder text message sample. Don't forget to add the live link so your clients can pay in seconds.

  • Prior to due date: Hi, [Name] from [Business Name] here. Touching base with [Invoice Number], due on [Date]. You can connect with us now to pay [Amount] online by [Available Methods]
  • Three days after deadline: We didn't get your payment of [Amount] for [Business Name Services] on [Due Date]. Please pay your past-due balance today. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  • One week after deadline: Hope to hear from you soon, [Client Name]. Please touch base as soon as possible to pay your [Business Name] invoice for [Amount]. Avoid late fees by paying online today.
  • Three weeks after deadline: Dear [Client Name], unfortunately, we haven't received your payment of [Amount] for [Invoice Number]. Please remit today to avoid a late fee of [Late Fee Amount]. Respectfully, [Business Name]

What Should You Do If Your Customer Isn't Responding to Your Payment Reminders?

When you don't receive a response to email and text message payment reminders, you might want to pick up the phone and give your client a call. Talking to someone directly can often resolve the issue by helping them see your point of view. 

If calling doesn't work, you can hire a collections agency when payment becomes more than 90 days past due. In the meantime, you should continue to follow up with the client by email, text, postal mail and phone. Subsequent messages should emphasize that you'll need to take further action if they don't respond. Documenting these attempts will provide important information if you send the account to collections.

The Bottom Line: What's the Best Way to Get Paid? 

Sending a short payment reminder message can feel like a tough task, especially as a new business owner. takes the stress out of getting paid with innovative features. You can create client invoices through our easy-to-use Pay Dashboard and send them instantly through email or text. 

These messages include links straight to your checkout page, where you can accept credit cards, debit cards and other methods depending on your business needs. In fact, you don't even need a website to take advantage of these cool tools from


How do you politely remind someone to pay you?

A polite payment reminder message should be brief, friendly and direct. For example, you can address the customer by name and reference highlights of the project to maintain rapport, but also clearly state the reason for the message and the pertinent invoice details.

Is it better to send a payment reminder via email or text message?

It's best to send your payment reminder email through your customer's preferred communications channel. This approach improves your chances of receiving a response. It also shows your clients that you pay attention to their preferences.

How can I send my customer a payment link?

You can send a direct payment link to your customers with They can click straight from the message to pay the invoice through our secure system, which offers a variety of payment methods.

How can I accept credit cards online?

You'll need to work with a payment service provider like to accept credit and debit card payments from your customers. handles these transactions for your business and keeps sensitive personal data safe.

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