Every company needs a payments strategy

Integrate a full payment infrastructure into your platform

With Pay.com’s embedded payments solutions for enterprises, your company can get a head start and be part of a rapidly growing industry.

Integrate a full payment infrastructure into your platform

Your business is growing and evolving, and your user base is a commodity. With Pay.com’s embedded payment system, you can monetize your users’ payments: when they make money, you make money. It’s as simple as that.

api diagram showing mobile phone creating a payment using the api

Provide your users with a simple payment system

When you integrate our seamless API into your software or online platform, you can offer your users limitless possibilities. They get all the flexibility they need, with the ability to accept a wide variety of payment methods, track all their transactions, and view in-depth insights and analytics.

The Pay.com system efficiently takes care of everything payment-related in the backend, while giving you the option to use your own branding in the frontend. It’s a winning combination of your brand’s look and feel with Pay.com’s ease of use and simplicity.

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