A Merchant’s Guide to Successful Fraud Prevention

Proven techniques, industry insights, and templates to fortify your fraud management practices


Fraud management will save you <span-azure-800>TIME<span-azure-800> & <span-mint-j -700>MONEY<span-mint-j -700>

Percentage of fraud cost increase since 2019. For every $1 lost to fraud, retailers lose $3.75.
Fraud attempts are experienced by US retailers per month. 50% are successful
Increase in fraud attacks since 2020 reported by US merchants

Fraud management are an inevitable part of doing business.

In today's digital world, where online transactions are rapidly growing, fraud poses a significant threat to businesses of all sizes. This guide aims to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to tackle fraud head-on.
Fraud: Definition and prevention strategies
What is arbitration and how it works
Templates for handling representment
Legal options after arbitration
Understanding chargeback disputes and how to prevent them
How to navigate representment and arbitration
Minimizing the impact of chargebacks and disputes

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