6 Ways to Grow International Sales for your Business

Expanding your business internationally can earn big revenue, but it can also be quite challenging. Read this article for 6 simple strategies for success.

It’s an exciting time to be in business. There’s no limit to growth as ecommerce allows you to connect with customers all around the globe. According to Vantage Market Research, global cross-border B2C (business-to-customer) sales will grow to $3,042.2 million by 2028, which is a huge increase from last year’s $793.7 million. 

By nailing down your sales and marketing tactics now, you can ensure that you optimize international selling and earn a bigger market share. Here are 6 simple yet effective ways to grow your business’s international sales.

Frictionless Checkout for Global Success 

Customers around the world expect a seamless checkout experience. With Pay.com, you get powerful tools to support international sales. The system can accept global payment methods, allow smooth checkout, and remember payment details for a fast, streamlined process.


6 Ways Your Business Can Grow International Sales 

1. Understand and Optimize for Your Target Market

Whether you’re already selling to your international target market, or you’re just getting started, it’s critical to understand your customer’s unique needs. Do the research to learn who your ideal customer is and what they’re looking for. 

You can increase sales by gaining a better understanding of the following questions:

  • What products or services are they interested in?
  • What’s their price range?
  • What are their demographics?
  • What’s their preferred payment method?
  • How do they first learn about your business?
  • How do they interact with your business?
  • Where do they spend time on the internet?

One way you can learn more about your customers is through Pay.com’s customer insights. With the intuitive Pay Dashboard, you can retrieve and filter data on customer details, payment methods, KPIs, revenue, and more. 

2. Boost Website Credibility

Customers need to feel like they can trust your brand before handing over their payment information. Any inaccuracies in your website will act as a red flag and could cause you to lose sales. Ensure that your website's copy translates correctly for each country and language you’re targeting. 

Another way to make customers feel secure is to showcase the security measures you have in place. Since you’re likely accepting credit cards as a payment method, that means you must also maintain PCI DSS compliance. You can display the PCI logo on your site to show that you use industry-standard security measures.

Customer reviews are another way to increase credibility. Encourage shoppers to leave reviews by sending follow-up emails after purchases or offering incentives, like free shipping, for leaving a review. You can allow customers to include their country when leaving a review, which can show other users from that country that buying from your brand is safe. 

3. Accept More Payment Methods

People typically have a couple of preferred payment methods, whether they like digital wallets for their convenience or credit cards for their security measures. We can see the same trend when reviewing global payment methods.. 

Each geographic market has a popular payment method that people generally view as the most reliable or safe. For example, bank transfers via iDeal are the most common payment method in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, 44% of Europeans report preferring digital wallets.

If you want to sell in these markets, your payment methods need to reflect their preferences. Do your research, then start accepting these payment methods via your payment processor. With Pay.com, accepting new payment methods is as easy as the click of a button. If you decide a payment method isn’t working for your business, you can turn it off just as easily.

4. Have a Transparent, Flexible Return Policy

When you’re targeting new customers, especially international shoppers who may not have heard of your brand, gaining trust is crucial. One way to boost confidence in your brand is through your return policy.

According to a Narvar survey, 49% of customers actively check a company’s return policy before buying online. Make sure shoppers can easily find your return policy and that it’s written in clear, transparent language.

Additionally, people are less likely to buy if your business has a restrictive policy. Return shipping fees (74%) and restocking fees (84%) are top reasons shoppers won’t complete a purchase. Meanwhile, 72% of shoppers said that they’d be more likely to shop with a brand if they had a “no questions asked” policy. Aim to make your returns as flexible and affordable as possible.

5. Offer Frictionless Checkout

Providing a positive payment experience is critical to growing sales. In fact, companies that exceed in customer experience outperform their peers by almost 80%, according to data from Forrester. 

A critical touchpoint during the customer experience is checkout. Review the checkout process - how can you make it faster and easier? For example, requiring a customer to create a profile before checking out will cause many to abandon their purchase. Instead, allow for guest checkout with the option to create an account later.

You can also optimize your payment system to allow it to remember customer details. When they return for another purchase, the system will auto-populate their information, making the process even faster.

6. Update Your Product Line

Another way to boost sales is to give your customers more products to choose from. Look for ways to better serve your customers. For example, do they need complementary products to what you already sell? This can allow you to sell more to your existing customer base and potentially even attract new customers.

Of course, you’ll need to do market research to see what products or services your customers truly want and need. Consider surveying your existing customers and comparing your product offering to your competition. 

Why Choose Pay.com as Your Payment Service Provider? 

Your payment system plays an important role in converting shoppers into customers. With Pay.com, you get a robust solution that helps you increase international revenue and grows with you as you scale. When you use Pay.com as your payment service provider, you get:

  • Ultimate customization: Pay.com has solutions for users with all experience levels. You can customize a premade checkout page with your branding elements, or use our developer-friendly APIs to add hosted payment fields to your website or app.
  • Top-rated security: We maintain Level 1 PCI DSS compliance, which means that our system uses industry-standard security measures, like tokenization, to protect sensitive details. Plus, Pay.com supports 3DS2 for multifactor authentication, detecting fraudulent transactions before they happen. 
  • Flexible payment methods: Accepting the payment methods that your international target market uses is key. With Pay.com, you can accept credit and debit cards, local cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, and more. 
  • Frictionless checkout: The Pay.com system can allow guest checkout and securely remember customer payment information, providing a speedy, fast checkout experience every time.

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The Bottom Line

With the growth of ecommerce and cross-border sales, there’s seemingly limitless potential for your business. In order to find success, you’ll need to have a deep understanding of your target audience. Knowing their demographics, preferred payment methods, product needs, and customer journey will help you serve them best. 

Once you do have customers on your website, make sure they feel safe with a consistent website, strong return policy, and straightforward checkout process. The best way to support your international sales growth? Pay.com. Our strong payment solution grows with you and provides you with the tools you need to thrive.

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What's the best way for a business to accept cross-border payments?

Pay.com provides a robust system that makes accepting cross-border payments easy. Our solution includes global payment processing, allowing your business to accept payments from all around the world, with a variety of payment methods.

What's the advantage of accepting multiple payment methods?

According to research from the Baymard Institute, 9% of all cart abandonments are a result of a lack of payment methods. People have different preferences based on their location, security needs, and convenience preferences. By accepting multiple payment methods, you can earn more sales. 

You can easily accept credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers, with Pay.com.

How do you attract international customers?

You can attract international customers by understanding their unique needs, then customizing your product, website, and marketing to match them. Make sure your website appears credible, with the language translated correctly.

What's the best way to increase international sales?

There’s no single guaranteed way to increase international sales. However, if you already have a stake in international markets, you can increase your sales within those areas by offering more products and services. You can also use targeted ads to reach a wider audience.

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Frictionless Checkout for Global Success 

Customers around the world expect a seamless checkout experience. With Pay.com, you get powerful tools to support international sales. The system can accept global payment methods, allow smooth checkout, and remember payment details for a fast, streamlined process.

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