Payments Infrastructure for Fintechs

Finally, A payments solution that will support your customers the same way you do.

Payments built for fintechs

Remarkably simple integration

Unmatched human support on mobile with credit cards in the background
Promising your users ease?
Make sure your payments flow smoothly. Anywhere in the world.
Promising your users speed?
Make sure you’re using the most reliable and robust rails system.
Promising your users flexibility?
Make sure you can offer multiple payment methods, control over withdrawals, credit balance transfers and more.
Promising your users affordability?
Make sure you’re powered by technology that protects against declines and chargebacks so you can pass on the savings.

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We’re Well Connected

Pay is powered by robust and dependable rails, giving you access to instant or near-instant payments to and from over 170 countries  Our network supports a range of delivery channels and payment types and our fully integrated technology is designed to lower your costs and tighten your security. We’ve really got you covered.
Together, we could create something truly remarkable for your users.

Here’s the thing. We’re both really great at what we do. Imagine what it would look like for your users if we joined forces.

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