It’s important to thoroughly test your integration before you go live, to make sure you’re happy with both the payment flow and the customer journey.

That’s why we’ve built a completely isolated sandbox environment that simulates production environment behavior with no impact to your live data.

Switching from the sandbox to the production environment is easy to do on your Pay Dashboard. To see test transactions in your sandbox dashboard, you’ll need to configure the elements below:

  • Test API key generated from the developer tab within your staging environment dashboard account
  • If using the Pay Components solution, then the SDK CDN script should be amended to point toward the sandbox environment: 
Staging: <script type="text/javascript" src="js.dev.pay.com/v1.js" />

Webhook Testing 

You can test webhook notifications before you go live. By setting a webhook endpoint on the developer tab of your sandbox dashboard account, you can test the notifications for all payment statuses. More information here:

Sessions and webhooks

Test Card Numbers


To simulate an approved payment, you can use the below test card numbers alongside any 3 digit CVC (4 digit for Amex) and any future expiry date. 

The issuing country for these test cards is the United States. If you need to create test payments using a card from other issuing countries, please let your solutions manager know.

Visa - 4242424242424242

Mastercard - 5555444433331111

Amex - 371449635398431


You can simulate declined transactions within the test environment in order to prepare for this type of event if it happens within the live environment. 

The below test card numbers will generate the corresponding decline reasons when used alongside any 3 digit CVC (4 digit for Amex) and any future expiry date.

Do Not Honour - 4000007818415900

Insufficient Funds - 4000005357086322

Stolen Card - 4000004452879855

Testing Payments via Pay Dashboard

You can also test your Pay.com account via the Create Payment and Pay by Link functions within your sandbox dashboard account.