Pay Checkout

You can use Pay Checkout as a fully hosted checkout page embedded on your website via an iFrame, or redirect your customers to a separate checkout page.

Pay Checkout also lets you create Pay Links and send payment requests to your customers via email, text message, or other means of communication. When a customer clicks a link, they’ll be directed to a Pay Checkout page, where they can select their preferred payment method and make the payment. Each link is unique, based on the customer, the products, and the transaction.
Setup guide

1. Copy your API key from the Developers section in your Pay Dashboard

The API key will be used to authenticate you to backend.

2. Use /checkout endpoint to create a new checkout page and get your<Checkout URL> for this checkout session. Send the URL to the customer.

3. To keep your system up to date with payment statuses, make sure to subscribe to webhooks using the Developers section in your Pay Dashboard. If you prefer to keep the integration clean, then only subscribe to the following webhooks:

The authorization request was successful. The funds are being held until capture (full or partial) or cancellation (full or partial). With most cards, the hold will automatically expire within 7 days.
The payment request was declined (by card scheme, issuer, risk, etc.).
An error occurred while processing the payment (wrong parameters, format, etc.). This doesn't necessarily mean that there's something wrong with the payment method.

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Setup guide
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Learn how to embed hosted payment fields in your web or mobile applications, The client side and server side code builds a checkout form with the hosted fields to complete a payment using various payment methods.