API Overview

You can use the REST-based Pay.com API to manage and interact with a multitude of resources. As the API is modular, all functionality can be broken down into modular components based on the needs of your business.

A Session-Driven Payments API

The Pay.com API is session-driven, with embedded features including:

 • 3DS2
 • Tokenization
 • Stored credential flagging (MIT/CIT)

This takes the heavy lifting away from your business and decreases your time to live. You simply pass us the ID you use to recognize the customer and we retrieve and manage their saved payment methods.

A session should always be created prior to rendering our SDKs. This allows the customer to be identified and have access to existing credit cards that were previously tokenized.

You can use the Setup Session call if you want to store a customer's card without making a payment. If you want to store a card and make a payment at the same time, you can use the Payment Session call.

Want to Know More?

To learn more about the API and its functions and see example submissions and responses, please see our full API Reference.